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The Regenerative Medicine and Joint Preservations of Santa Rosa was born out of the desire of the founders to offer and make available to patients a new way to treat their musculoskeletal injuries and disorders without resorting to invasive surgical treatments or taking medications which can have significant and serious side-effects.  The Center's members have extensive experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and over time have discovered and realized that there may be better ways to treat many of these problems.

This unique Center allows the patients to have access to emerging technology, protocols, and experience which utilizes autologous (from their own body) products to stimulate and accelerate the natural healing process.  The specialized purified products from the patient’s own blood allow the body to heal in a very natural way.  These treatments can be beneficial for various types of problems and injuries.  

The Regenerative Medicine and Joint Preservation Center also believes that it is beneficial for the patient to have their primary care physician, or provider that is caring for their problem, be intimately involved in this treatment process.  The Center has made these novel and revolutionary techniques, protocols, equipment, and experience available to the physicians and their patients.  

There are significant problems with the “traditional” way of treating various musculoskeletal problems.  But now there are other options available so the patient will no longer be limited to have to choose between living with the nagging injuries and joint pains, or options like the use of chronic medications or invasive surgery.  

Get back to what you love doing, faster and without surgery.

At The Regenerative Medicine of Santa Rosa we will educate you about your problem, finds ways to help you prevent problems from occurring, and when there is a problem that may need additional treatment, find a way to intervene that will allow your body to heal itself in a natural way.

The Regenerative Medicine Center of Santa Rosa will help revolutionize how various types of musculoskeletal problems are treated. 

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